Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 2 - Las Vegas

We spent the day with Jeff again, and when Amy got off work we met at the Bellagio to enjoy one of their famous Buffet dinners. It took a long wait but we all felt it was time well spent. This shot was made while we stood in line with many other folks.

I made a couple of shots from the roof of the parking garage before we got in line. Here's the Eiffel tower from across the street.

And Caesar's Palace...

And more of the Las Vegas construction, behind the Jockey Club.

After Dinner we wandered around the Bellagio. Here's a shot of the glass artwork on one ceiling.

Later we watched the water show in front of the Casino.

They have quite a crowd, and run the show every fifteen minutes.

Our last night in Las Vegas, so we make an early evening of it.

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