Saturday, July 4, 2009

June 25 - Penticton, BC to Spokane, Washington

We had very nice weather on Thursday morning. Onto the bus at 8:30; heading south through lots of orchards.

We stopped to cross the border into the USA at Osoyoos, but first were given the opportunity to visit the duty-free shop. We got back onto the busses, drove about 100 yards, and then had to get off the bus again with our carry-on belongings so the customs people could run them through the scanner. We then reloaded onto the bus and continued south.

We had lunch at a little town in northern Washington, then continued on down along the Columbia River to Grand Coulee Dam where we stopped for an hour at the visitors center.

I grabbed a couple shots of our motorcoaches while the light was favorable. They are operated by the Oregon, California & Washington coach line, which is a sub-contractor to the Your Man Tour group that organized the entire cruise-motorcoach tour.

Leaving the dam, we headed south along Brooks Reservoir to highway 2 and detoured slightly so we could stop at Dry Falls to view the big hole in the ground.

Not on a par with the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, but quite impressive nevertheless.

Back onto the busses, we continued to Spokane where we had a short tour of the riverside area and then were delivered to the Red Lion River Inn.

We were picked up there by Ed and Debbie Schofield who were kind enought to take us to Kinko's so we could send some excess, cold-weather clothes home, then to their house for dinner. We had a wonderful time with them, and after Debbie delivered us back to the hotel, we hit the hay in preparation for another long day.

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