Friday, July 10, 2009

July 5 - Afternoon Excursion

Our excursion to McGill (actually, toward McGill) consisted of SD-9 #204 with two coaches, an open car, and the bright yellow caboose. McGill is north of East Ely, and in this view we see the tracks through the broad Steptoe Valley and low mountain range to the east.

One of several advertising posters in our car.

We reached a siding in the middle of nowhere, and the 204 ran around the train to take us back to East Ely.

The hogger exchanges greetings with passengers on the open car.

Met some interesting folks on the train. One guy grew up in Edina. MN and has lived in Las Vegas since 1961! He related an interesting story about the house he grew up in, very near the Northern Pacific railroad.

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