Friday, July 10, 2009

July 6 - Salt Lake City to Chattanooga

We got going in the morning, loaded the car for the short trip to the airport, and promptly took the wrong turn onto highway 15 north. Once we got headed in the right direction, we got the car checked in and found a looooooooooonnnnnnnggg line at the Delta check-in counter. Fortunately the line outside at the Red Cap station was very short, so we used that option and minutes later were waiting in another looooooonnnnnnngggg line for the security line. We discussed numerous issues of world-wide significance while we waited, and once they'd scanned our possessions we made our way to the gate. We loaded onto a Boeing 757 in good order, endured a three-hour flight to Atlanta, made our way to the gate where we were scheduled to catch our ride to Chattanooga, and settled in to wait for that plane to leave.

Since we were near the end of the concourse, I went down and took a few shots of airplanes on the taxiways and runways. Here's a Delta Airlines departure.

This World Airlines Lockheed was being towed along.

A United Airlines departure.

Continental Airlines pulling his gear up on departure.

This Airtran unit almost has his gear fully retracted as he heads "Up, Up, and Away!"

Shortly after I took these pix, a localized storm rolled across the airport and effectively closed it for nearly an hour. Our plane was supposed to leave at 5:30, didn't, and was finally cancelled around 7:00 PM. We were given "seat requests" and directed to another gate where there was a scheduled departure for Chattanooga at 8:20. And although the person at the desk acted like we all were unlikely to get onto the plane, in fact we were all accomodated. So we made it home, later than we wanted but with luggage intact. Thanks to neighbors Marc and Mary for so graciously picking us up and delivering us home. It's good to sleep in our own bed again.

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