Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 3/4 - Steptoe Valley Inn and BBQ

Our landlord at the Steptoe Valley Inn has a BBQ next door. He had his smoker custom built by Buzzard BBQ up in Seattle and it holds a ton of very tasty vittles.

Buzzard BBQ has a very catchy logo.

July fourth is one of their busiest days. "Old Smokey" is loaded and fired up.

The locomotive design is well adapted to his BBQ business. The pork butts go in the upper cab area, and the beef is in the smokebox. Wood and a gas burner go in the lower cab area, just like the fuel in a steam lokie. And the tie-in to the nearby Railway Museum no doubt helps, too.

Out in the yard, #93 is backing down to the coal chute.

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