Saturday, July 4, 2009

June 24 - Vancouver to Penticton, BC

Our Cruise came to an end on an overcast, rainy day. We got up early to put our luggage out, then went for breakfast on the Lido deck buffet. We disembarked and went through Canadian customs, then loaded onto Motorcoaches and headed out of the city through Stanley park. I made this shot of the Volendam through the window of the bus.

The drivers stopped in Stanley Park so we could photograph some totem poles.

While we were there, they got a phone call that a missing bag had been located, so our bus headed back to the port building to pick it up. After a delay of about an hour, we finally got out onto highway 1 heading east.

We stopped at Minter Gardens, near Chiliwack, for lunch and a stroll; by this time we had nearly driven out of the rain. We took highway 3 east as the weather continued to clear and stayed overnight at Penticton. Anita and I had dinner at a quaint little place called "Salty's" where we were charged $1.95 for bread, and they also charged extra for a refill on sodas.

Probably won't eat there again ;-)

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