Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 30 - Salt Lake City to Las Vegas

Since we already had our rental car (2009 Hyundai Sonata, quite nicely appointed with XM radio so Anita could annoy me no matter how far we got from civilization), we were able to depart Salt Lake City without any hassle at all. We got onto Interstate 15 south a mere half-dozen blocks from the hotel and, as they say, "boogied."

Not too far south of the city, we spotted this local freight heading for the yard in SLC. I had to make a picture in spite of heavy traffic and narrow road shoulders.

A bit further on was a long string of refrigerated cars, stored on a siding and waiting for an upturn in business. Lots of them, which I didn't stop to photograph. Should have, though.

Further south the mountains became more distinctive, making this a very nice drive. Hot, though. I'd hate to be stranded in this desolate countryside.

Marty Robbins sings, "The red hills of Utah are calling me." I think these may be the hills he sang about.

Interstate 15 crosses the corner of Arizona as it takes us to Las Vegas. Very pretty in its own way.

After we got into town, we checked into the Wyndham Grand Desert, a timesharing venture that we bought into down in Destin, FL. Jeff met us there that afternoon, and we headed out for a short tour of the town while Amy finished her days work. Jeff then went home to feed the puppies and get Amy, and Anita made this pic when they returned. We went out to eat, had an excellent dinner at a historic Italian restaurant.

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