Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4 - Afternoon Excursion

After the parade we relaxed back at the Steptoe Valley Inn for a while. Before long, I heard the train returning from the afternoon excursion to the mines at Ruth, so I headed back to the yard for a couple more pix. Here's the train drifting downgrade to the switch.

As the train pushes back into the station, the cannoneer recharges his weapon. The flatcar with the "cake" and the cannon signify and celebrate the 100th birthday (January 17, 2009) of Alco steam locomotive #93. Read more about the restoration and rededication of the locomotive at the Museum Web Site.

The conductor keeps an eagle eye on the track from the steps of the wide-vision caboose.

Four 36-foot wood-sheathed boxcars are parked next to the restored freight depot.

By the time our excursion was ready to board the train, it had started to rain.

I made a bunch of pictures on our excursion to Ruth, but because of the roughness of the ride and the fading daylight, they didn't come out well. After the trip to Ruth, our train was pushed down the mainline to the golf course, where we enjoyed a fireworks display before returning to the depot. We learned later that it had rained hard, with some hail, at Ely while we rode to Ruth.

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